Nonprofit Disclosures

Many Clasped Hands
As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Marriage Advocates is committed to providing transparency about our formation and ongoing business as required by law. This page contains links to documents as Marriage Advocates completes and discloses them.


Marriage Advocates 1023 (with attachments)
Marriage Advocates IRS Further Information Response
IRS Nonprofit Approval Letter

IRS Form 990

Marriage Advocates 2012 Form 990
Marriage Advocates 2013 Form 990

Financial Disclosures

As of 12/31/2012:

Balance of Accounts at 12-31-2011: $2,085.55

Donations for 2012 were $4,160.
Paypal fees were $125
We paid GoDaddy $286.

Balance of accounts: $5,835.

As of 12/31/11:

Total Contributions 2011: $4,184.68
Total Expenditures 2011: $2,085.64

Expense Itemization:
Website (GoDaddy & UBB): $ 828.21
Incorporation (Legal/IRS) $1,130.00
Bank Fees (PayPal/Bank) $ 85.43
Administrative $ 42.00
Interest $ -.09

Balance of accounts: $2,085.55


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