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Posted By: WalkingMan

Greetings - 01/21/14 06:55 PM

I'm actually not new to this forum. A few years ago, the folks here really helped me through some hard times and I learned tools that I use often in my marriage and tools I hope to never have to use again.

Recently, I thought I would check back and see how folks here are now as well as offer my help and experience.

Take care,

Posted By: SFB

Re: Greetings - 01/21/14 07:47 PM


Welcome back.

Dive in and help. It can be a way of "paying it forward".

Posted By: Tinker

Re: Greetings - 01/22/14 05:09 AM

Yodel out ty for the coming back to help out those in this situation
Posted By: john28

Re: Greetings - 01/15/15 07:42 PM

Posted By: SmilingWife

Re: Greetings - 01/16/15 04:26 PM

Welcome back. Lots need help.
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