For those of you dealing with the severe and sad A issues, I want to share a story that may for a moment put some humor back in your lives with the hope that this gives you a push to know that while the A is an awful thing to happen to anyone, there are upon reflection some hilarious moments........ I believe I posted this many years ago but can't find that post, so here goes again........

Here's one, maybe more will follow:

Warning: This post may contain smelly content.....not for the 'faint at smell' type. Read at your own risk grin

Bed Talk.....

Periodically even in recovery something about the A is learned. Sometimes it c/b a good tool for helping others in earlier stages of this horrible A ride. Ia it a type of reverse babble? Maybe sort of a twisted off-shoot. LOL!!! grin

Sit back and listen in on a conversation recently held between a BS and her former Xws now H. For practical purposes, I will call her H 'Xws'.

One dark and stormy night....... the Xws was getting ready for bed.....the subject of 'smell' came up. This couple had been married many years and yes, there were no smell secrets between them. So the conversation was not a difficult one for either one. The smell subject matter had been discussed before. In fact all of the male persuasion in her family enjoyed the topic.....(it must be a guy thing) :rolleyes:

Xws: (faint sound effect)

BS: ....did you?

Xws: Yes. Do you want me to stay away?

BS: Yes, please.

Xws takes care of a few other things before getting into bed. At this time, their world is at peace, faint sounds of rain tapping on the window lull them to sleep, then 'another faint sound'......

BS: agian?!??!?

Xws: Sorry.

The Xws turns the offending end away and does what he can to reduce the impact to the air quality control in the room.

BS: Hmmmph..... (mumbling under her breathe since now her slumber has been disturbed).

Wide awake, referring to the 'noises in the night', the BS asks....

BS: you do this when you were with 'other people'?

The Xws knows exactly what the BS is referring to by the term 'other people' (not t/b confused with the movie....The Others). grin (Remember the room is dark and neither can view any expressions....the level of communication here is based only on sound and feel....oh yea...and smell. Not all the senses are in motion here but those that are have now taken fully alert. grin

So the Xws carefully replies.....

Xws: No.

The BS now changes from the mild mannered W to the BS mode. Fully clothed in her mind as a cape crusader avenging all A stenches from her world.

BS: Well, I recall an e-mail where the OW says she liked your morning breathe & farts. So that's one.

Now here is where it gets attention to the dialogue about coming up...... ( wink )

What's an Xws t/d? Hm.... think.... nope.....this BS is very cunning....what is the xWS t/d? Wait..... (lightbulb moment....uh oh...can't it's dark - smile )....This Xws must be in M recovery because as hard as he tries, the WS mentality in him won't turn on! So he carefully says.....

Xws:'s because she was infatuated.

There's a bit of rustling as the BS tries hard to position herself so she can get a clear signal on what has just been sent over the 'airwaves'. Still.....there must be some fog in the air. Is the WS back????? The BS can't seem to make out the last communication. Still the BS is in she tries to get asking a question (one of her tools).

BS: Did you say it was because she was 'inflatuated'? grin

At this point, all defences are down.....roaring laughter reverberates through the entire with valuted ceilings no less. LOL!!! grin Awhh....but sound proof...or is it? eek :pfft:

The Xws is also in stitches. He replies between grunts of laughter:

Xws: .... infatuated.

BS trying hard to calm down a bit but still bubbling over with hysterics. grin

BS: Oh, infatuated. But you know she c/b inflatuated if that is even a word. (covers mouth to hold back the next wave of hysterics). grin

The BS continues......

BS: Well if that is what infatuated does to people, I guess I have never been 'infatuated'. grin

The evening ends with giggles and laughs. A bad event has been turned into a comical memory. The A has turned another corner from which there is no return.

Even if a future A should arise....the precident has been set...... A's, Ws' and OPs all have as their main component: 'inflatuence'. This is what stinks up the A.


Hope this wasn't to graphic or offensive. Many of us have lived through the A which is worse. So, is this account fact or fiction? eek You decide. Either way it is something even a new BS who still has a WS in their realm can use.

Learn to put 'other things' into the A. Put the smell where it belongs.

Have a nice day. grin