Turning 13 is a major milestone. For many kids, it feels like one big step toward adulthood. Of course, teenagers don’t just take on the responsibilities of growing older on their own because they’ve turned a page on a calendar.

Parents play a big role in guiding their kids by equipping them with the skills they need to take care of themselves and contribute to society.

There are so many opinions out there on how to best raise teens that it can make it difficult for parents to know exactly what their kids need at each stage of their life. For kids who are about to turn 13, independence is likely the goal you both will have in mind.

Here are seven skills your kid needs before they cross over into their life as a teen.

1. Money Matters

By the time their thirteenth birthday approaches, young people should understand some basics about money and how to manage the money they earn. These skills are best taught through modeling and practice.

As their parent, you can model financial responsibility by talking openly with your kids about the decisions you make, from how you earn money to how you spend and save it once you have it.

Of course, hands-on practice is going to provide the most effective learning for middle school–aged children, so letting them earn some cash by providing an allowance or offering extra tasks to them at home is a great way to start teaching them lessons on money management.

At this age, kids need to have a practical understanding that money is not limitless, Anton Simunovic, founder of ThreeJars.com, told Money. To teach this skill, parents should really avoid bailing their kids out when their money runs out, especially since the consequences are pretty low risk at this age...

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