Have you seen Nocturnal Animals?

My Husband and I watched this movie yesterday. At the end, my husband said that he didn't get it. I just agreed it was odd, and left it at that. Yes, he doesn't get it, most WS don't. Husband kissed me and we watched something funny later that night cuddling on the couch. But the movie haunted me, and ironically, I can't sleep, just like the movie character.

It's not my type of movie, and I can't say I would recommend it. It's sad, violent and dark. Very dark.

However, if you are a betrayed spouse, the parallel story hits home to the extreme mental agony a person can suffer from the loss of a marriage and family by the violent act of betrayal. The nightmares, internal struggles, desire for revenge, helplessness, self blaming, grief, etc. I connected to the man as he lay there dying... I'd felt that way before.

In the end, I like to think the writer was able to move on and have a successful life after his struggle, losing his love by betrayal. That it made him a stronger person. I don't think I could have watched this movie last year, the pain was to real ... 2017 is going to be better year.