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Chrys' Welcome Wagon...read this to get started on MA! #25438
11/20/10 07:29 PM
11/20/10 07:29 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 3,981
star*fish Offline OP
Board of Directors
star*fish  Offline OP
Board of Directors
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 3,981

Chrys' Welcome Wagon Part 1--Starter Kit for Newcomers

The Welcome Wagon was created by Chrysalis with generous contributions from many other members. The whole Marriage Advocates community wants to extend a friendly hand of welcome to our newcomers..

We are glad you have found your way to our neighborhood, and we want you to have a few gifts to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. No one wants to feel like the new kid in school for very long, so open your gifts and join the conversation!

Gift #1: Pocket Translator

Does your M suffer from AOs or DJs? Is your WS in a MLC? Is an A acting as a huge LB? Or are you just wanting to fix a problem in the SF arena? Here's the guide to abbreviations.

Gift #2: Rules of the Road

Take a look at the site Terms of Service (TOS) and get ready for your driving test! After you have made 25 posts, you can follow the directions to The Thunderdome.

Please be aware that the Thunderdome is a no-whining zone where controversial topics may be discussed with more lenient moderation. It is a place that keeps the main board a no-fighting zone.

Gift #3: An Invitation

How and where to make your first post

Come on over to the Welcome Thread and add a line!

It would be very helpful if you could tell us how you found us, including any search engine terms that you used. The place to post this information is here: How Did You Find MA?

Gift # 4: A Packet of Pocket Manuals

How to make a link

Click to reveal..
First of all, you need to have the "reply" or "quote" or "new post" box open. "Quick reply" and "quick quote" won't work.

Now look at the little boxes at the top of the text box. The first one is a happy face. The second one is a globe and an infinity symbol , and that is the one you should click on.

A pop up box will appear, and you place the link information in that box and click "OK." Wait a minute! There is another pop up box! That is where you put what you want to call your link.

Example: Location of the nearest store

Did you see that? I linked to ebay, but I "called it" something else.

How to import graphics from another website

Click to reveal..
Thanks to Mark for these instructions.
Originally Posted By: Mark1952

The graphics can be just about any online graphics format, but if you quote one directly and read what the code says, you should quickly be able to see the format required. It uses the UBB code switches with a command string up front delineated as a command and not text in the brackets [ & ] with no spaces. At the end of the string the switch "/" is used to turn off that command string. For an image, the command is "img" and indicates that what follows is an online graphic.

The rest of the string is the url of the online graphic. It must be an image accessible on the Internet so you can't just plug in you own picture. But if you have pictures stored on line someplace that can be accessed directly by their own unique url, you can post just about any graphic format including gif, jpg, jpeg, png etc.

It's how the avatars get plugged in. The graphic itself is not stored on the MA server, only the directions (url) to go get the graphic. If I change my file where my avatar is stored into another picture, my avatar will change even though the url will remain constant.

So now I posted the directions here instead of in a thread to give everyone the same information, so why don't YOU try it out and then copy/move the directions to wherever you'd like to see them presented.

The above, BTW, is code that can be directly copied into a post from a website with smileys designed for use in online forums. If you quote this post, you will see where the graphic came from.

How to make a spoiler box

Click to reveal..
Yikes, my eyes! Spoiler boxes can be fun and friendly additions to your posts, or clean up a long post to make it more readable. To hide some text in the spoiler box, highlight the text you want to hide. Then from the full reply screen, click on the button at the top that is an "S" with a slash through it . It is the sixth button from the right. Instant box!

How to quote from another post

Click to reveal..
Go to the post you would like to quote from. There are boxes at the bottom of the post. If you click on "quick quote" the post will be populated to your reply box. If you click on "quote" you will get a full-featured reply box with options for doing fancy things in your reply, and the post you are quoting will be populated to the box for you.

Wait! You don't have to quote the whole post! It is nice of you to edit down large quotes to just include the important parts. You can delete some of the quoted text, just be careful not to erase the stuff between the UBB code brackets which look like this: [] and [/]. The [] marks the beginning of a given command, and the [/] marks the end.

Example: the UBB code for "Bold" is a "b" inside the brackets and the one to "end bold" has a slash after the bracketed "b". If you erase those in text you are quoting, the effect will not be carried forward to your text.

The original poster owns the copyright to his or her posted material, and credit should always be given for quoted material.

You are asked to link to other sites rather than quote wherever possible.

How to Choose a Screen Name

Click to reveal..
We have a special thread for that! Look here !FYI, the maximum length for your display name is 16 characters Choosing a Screen Name

How to create an avatar

Click to reveal..
To create an avatar (picture that shows by your name when you post) go to the top menu bars, click on "My Stuff" and "Edit Profile." Scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find the Avatar box. Some stock avatars have been provided to choose from. If you want to use something different, here are some sources of free avatars.

1. Free avatars

2. More free avatars

When you find an avatar that you want to use, cut and paste the url from the free site into the box provided on the Edit Profile page. Please note that avatars up to 80 x 80 pixels are accepted.

Oh, and if it would violate our TOS if you posted it directly on the site, it violates the TOS to link it, embed it, quote it, or do anything else with it here.

When and what NOT to link

Click to reveal..
I'll say it again as a gentle reminder. If it would violate our TOS if you posted it directly on the site, it violates the TOS to link it, embed it, quote it, or do anything else with it here.

Content that is copyrighted to another person may be linked here so long as credit is given.

How to add color:
Click to reveal..
Highlight the letters/words you would like in color. Click on the third box from the right above which is the capital A with a rainbow of colors underneath. An array of colors will descend. Click on the small box of the color you would like to 'paint the font' of your highlighted items.

Technical issues about making a post

Click to reveal..
A: Back Arrow Non-Option: Never use your computer's "Back Arrow" from the top left tool bar when posting in a "Body of Message" box. (It will take you out of of reply mode and delete your entire post immediately.)

B: Jumpy Screen Compatibility: If your reply box 'jumps' as you type, click on the hollow arrows above between the "refresh" button and your address line.

C: Body of Message box enlargement: To make your reply box larger, click on the down arrow on the upper right of this box. You will be able to see more of what you are typing.

D: Collapsing Forum Bars: If you feel that there are too many forums visible, collapse the title bars by clicking on the "down" button on the right edge of the title bars of forums you may use less than others.

Other technical helps

Click to reveal..

"Yes, I'll have the love combo, open faced with a side of respect and large a glass of forgiveness, easy on the ice please--my brother
Re: Chry's Welcome Wagon...read this to get started on MA! [Re: star*fish] #117666
06/07/11 09:06 PM
06/07/11 09:06 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 7,448
Lil Offline

Lil  Offline

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 7,448
Chrys' Welcome Wagon Part 2: Field Guide to the Forums--Starter Kit for Newcomers

This Field Guide was created by Chrysalis with the generous input of many other members. Our aim is to provide you with a quick reference guide that will help you find which parts of our forum you will find most helpful.

How and where to continue posting

Many people come here suffering from conditions such as anxiety and depression. We are not trained professionals and we do not offer counseling services. Some people are in too much pain to make participation in this forum healthy, and should seek professional help.

We offer support as peers who have walked in your shoes. Support may include encouragement and sharing of personal experiences, but it may also include "tough love" and challenging a person's point of view.

General tips for posting on MA

Click to reveal..
Here are some ideas to help you receive the assistance you're seeking more quickly:

Please keep your story on one thread. That will help your readers keep track of you and understand your situation better. Creating a bunch of new threads every time a new question comes to mind can be confusing to others on the forum.

Please break up your story into short paragraphs (such as in this post) and leave some space in between. If your story is all crammed into one long paragraph, people may skip it.

Please include answers to the following questions: Who old are you and your spouse? How long married? How long together? How many children, and how old are they? Is this the first time you have been through this?

You are responsible for telling your story and saying what you want and need from us. You will receive help sooner if other posters don't have to make assumptions about your situation. We recognize that being in crisis mode makes it difficult (if not impossible) to know what you want or need.

Other posters may guess wrong about your wants and needs but no one wants to cause you added stress. If you would like help in communicating your needs clearly, please check out our Peer Counseling forum for tips and suggestions.

If you had or are having an affair (or are considering an affair)

Click to reveal..
If you are here because you have had or are considering an affair, please know that you are welcome here and that Marriage Advocates has created a special forum just for you entitled The Way Station. For your protection, this forum is only viewable to registered members who have logged on and cannot be seen by the average lurkers to our site.

Newly hurt spouses are discouraged from reading this forum. Many of our members have successfully recovered their marriages after an affair and are more than willing to help guide you through this difficult (but doable) process as long as you are open and willing to receive ideas and suggestions.

If your spouse is talking about separation

Click to reveal..
If you are here because you want to prevent a separation or divorce, come on over to the Troubled Marriage forum. Post your story and your questions, and others will come along with suggestions.

If your spouse's request to separate came as a surprise to you, you may find more help in The Infidelity and Abandonment Forum, even if you are unaware of any infidelity in your marriage.

If you are afraid to post in the public area

Click to reveal..
If you have a concern that someone would read and recognize your situation, The Carport is available to registered users, but hidden from guests. Start a thread in an open area, then click the "notify" button and ask the moderators to move your thread to the Carport.

If you have been hurt by an affair

Click to reveal..
If you are coming here at a time of crisis due to your spouse's affair and need some urgent help, come on over to The Infidelity and Abandonment Board.

If you are in recovery or recovered

Click to reveal..
If you are in the recovery process or have successfully endured and recovered from a marital crisis, we have a forum for you called The Turning Point. New posters are always welcome, and posters in that forum feel that they are helping themselves by helping others.


Click to reveal..
If you are divorced or are in the process of divorcing, we have a special forum visible to all members called Moving On. The emphasis in this forum is positive and forward-looking as much as possible. Whether you need help in figuring out how to manage the pain of divorce, or want to prepare for the next phase, you are welcome here.

Good Marriage -> Great Marriage

Click to reveal..
If you are not in crisis but feel like your status quo or disappointing marriage could use new and exciting ideas, we have a special forum to enhance or MAGNIFY your relationship entitled (((Magnify))) Your Marriage. MAGNIFY stands for Marriage Advocates Great New Ideas For You! This forum is being designed to give tips and suggestions from personal experience as well as established programs available for free or a fee.

Click to reveal..
If you would like to blog here, join us in Blogging Central and start a blog thread of your own! We'd love to get to know you and hear your story. If you are trying to solve a problem, tell us and people will try to help.

AKA Lildoggie

Just found out about your spouses affair?
Infidelity Guide For The Betrayed Spouse

Re: Chry's Welcome Wagon...read this to get started on MA! [Re: Lil] #117668
06/07/11 09:07 PM
06/07/11 09:07 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 7,448
Lil Offline

Lil  Offline

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 7,448
Chrys' Welcome Wagon, Part 3--How to select a screen name for Marriage Advocates

If you are making your first screen name for a forum, please do not use your real name or unique personally identifiable information in your screen name. it is unwise to post such information anywhere here. Please understand that a search engine search of your screen name will bring up your posts here and elsewhere. Please select something that is memorable and personal to you.

Also, if you are going to post your email address, make sure it doesn't show your real name.

If you have previously posted at another marriage site, please take special note of Marriage Advocates' nettiquette concerning screen names.

You may "recognize" other members here from another marriage site. Because this site stresses openness and honesty, we consider it good netiquette at this forum to use your same screen name at the other site, or if you've chosen to change it, identifying your other screen name in one of your first posts; or putting it in your profile or signature line.

If you have previously registered and chosen to hide your well-known screen name from other websites, please be aware that we all post with some unique characteristics such as word usage, phrasing, grammar, punctuation, etc. So if you're not open and honest, you may easily be discovered, anyway.

You may be afraid to be known due to past actions on other forums. MA is committed to repairing and healing past conflicts through honest and respectful discourse, giving a new start. Continued deception will be viewed as a violation of TOS.

Want to change your screen name later? Notify a moderator by clicking on the "Notify" button at the bottom of any post and type in your request and reason.

AKA Lildoggie

Just found out about your spouses affair?
Infidelity Guide For The Betrayed Spouse

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