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#128183 - 06/29/11 03:32 PM The Marriage Advocate Directory

Registered: 08/30/10
Posts: 7390
Loc: Ness
The Marriage Advocates Directory

The Directory contains fast links to Guides, Resource Guides, Articles, Informative Threads and Posts, as well as Reviews of Books and Websites relating to marriage. Many have been written by Marriage Advocates members; some are sourced off site. Each was chosen because it was frequently requested, or because of the outstanding information it contains - some of which is available nowhere else on the Internet. You may notice the same link in more than one section. Many of them are relevant to more than one area.

It is suggested that you revisit this guide from time to time and 'chew slowly.' This is like taking a drink from a fire hose--there is a vast amount of information. Pick one area of interest and explore. Go back another day and read one of the "fun" threads in "Other Topics."

DISCLAIMER: Marriage Advocates is a peer-reviewed forum and the suggestions offered are not professional, legal, medical, or therapeutic advice. On these forums, people share various ideas and methods they've used to achieve their own marital goals. It is each reader's responsibility to assess the ideas presented in light of their own circumstances, rather than merely applying advice that worked for someone else.

The Front Office

I Don't WANT a Divorce: How to Fight For Marriage When Your Spouse Wants to Walk Away


I've Been Having an Affair

My Spouse is Having an Affair: I Just Found Out!

A. A Comprehensive Guide to Snooping

B. Member Posts

Click to reveal..

Just Found Out, by Not2fun

Just Found Out - Those first few days, by Right Here Waiting

Finding Comfort in a Troubled Marriage and Beyond, by wiser_now

Are You Being Controlling? by Not2Fun

D-Day Survival Guide, by Larry

Gaslighting, by Lildoggie

Pulling Away From the WS to Draw Their Hearts Back Towards You, by SunnyD

What Doesnt Work WIth The WAW, by AntigoneRisen

Survival Guide for Newly Betrayed Husbands, by PSUBiker

Larry's Toolkit Thread

Joseph's Letter

It is the Fear, by Star*fish

It Takes TIME to Process, by LadyGrey

If You're No Contact, Stop Talking! by AntigoneRisen

Porn Addiction/Affairs

40 Signs Your Marriage May Be in Trouble, by Lildoggie

Are You Dating a Married Man? by Lildoggie

Boundaries, by Mark1952

Plan A, by JimK

Plan B, by Lildoggie

Time Limit for Plan B? by OurHouse Thunderdome Access Required

Been So Long....Get Out of Limbo! by Lildoggie

The No Contact Letter, by Lildoggie

The 180, by Lildoggie

Get a life - GAL, by Believer

Divorce Busting Basics, by flowmom

Building Your Own MB Style Programme, by Lildoggie

Marriage Builders - Website, by JimK

Affair Recovery Center, by Chrysalis

Exposure - Dr Harley, by Chris

Let's Talk Exposure, by wiser_now Thunderdome access required

Leaving an Affair Alone Doesn't Work, by Puppy

17 Reasons People Have Affairs, Link by Believer

EA vs. PA-- Which is Worse? by Orchid2

Revenge Dating, Before the Divorce is Final, by Lildoggie

LadyGrey's Thread on Dynamics of the WW/BH Relationship

Exposure vs. Guerrilla Divorce Busting

'Counter Intuitive' aka Things That You Need to Do That Aren't Obvious

C. The Anatomy of an Affair

Love and Marriage in the News

Click to reveal..

From Hurting to Healed: Going From Broken to Restored

A. Member Posts on Recovery

B. Building Better Marriages

C. Al Turtle's Relationship Wisdom

I Want to Help Others: How Can I Help Become an Advocate for Marriage?



Notable Threads from "Other Topics"

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Family, Children & Friends
Cool Site for Kids-Track Santa's Tracks
Homeschooling Help
Brain Games
Everybody is Dying
The Right Thing to do When Someone Dies
Discipline to Confront Brutal Reality

Home & Garden
Home & Garden Woes and Wows
Any Master Tailors Out There?
Home Repair Campfire
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Food & Cooking
Brining the Turkey & Other Thanksgiving Plans
Regional YumYums
Not's New Delicious Dessert
Clam Dip Recipe
Trader Joe's Obsession

Recreation and Leisure
Song for the Day.
Music That Offers Comfort, Where Faith Can Open a Can of Worms
ol'2long's Grooveadelic Fave ...Ol'Days!
Virtual Choir
Friend Your Lizard Music
Book, Regular Books.
Books! Books! Books! Fiction or for Fun!
The Poetry Thread
Pot Lucks, Cookouts and Picnics
Movie Candy
Favourite Beer
Exercise Sites
I Need Some Technical Advice
Any Favorite Superbowl Commercials?
Guys, I'm Tellin' Ya
How Meditation May Change the Brain
Larry the Cable Guy
London/Paris Ideas
Computer Issues - Not MA Related
Favorite Phone Apps

Diet, Fitness and So On
Personal Growth for All of Us
Exercise Sites
Love the Skin You're in - Healthy Habits Q&A
Muscles/Body Types & Weight Loss
Join Me in Preventing Depression Relapse!
The Beautiful Woman
How to Become and Stay an Attractive Man
How Meditation May Change the Brain
Friend Your Lizard Music
Speak Your Dreams Out Loud or at Least Write Them
The Highly Sensitive Person (I Am One In Case You Didn't Know)
Fun EQ Test
Powerful Message From Unexpected Source
Asthma Pill More User-Friendly
What's Your Personality Type
What Motivates Us?
Body Wrap ???

The Thread-Killer Thread, or the Long, Tortuous Saga of Lola and Her Loved Ones
What is Your Pet Peeve?
What is the Most Embarrassing Thing You've Done?
Soul Mate Schmoopies
Guys, I'm Tellin' Ya
Larry the Cable Guy
There Must Have Been Something Totally Hilarious in Your Marriage That Happened
The Joke Thread

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#129268 - 07/01/11 12:57 PM Re: The Marriage Advocate Directory [Re: Lil]
Mary Emma

Registered: 10/17/10
Posts: 4591
Love it!!

I think much of this content can be compiled into a book format and published via a vanity press or on Amazon as an ebook format (of course if the thread owners agree to it or if the info was properly sourced)- I think it could generate funds and market the site at the same time.

Awesome work!!!
Me 41
H 40
S 9
S 6

I want to live in a world where George Zimmerman offered Trayvon Martin a ride home to get him out of the rain that night. -Bishop G. Brewer

#130101 - 07/04/11 07:24 AM Re: The Marriage Advocate Directory [Re: Mary Emma]

Registered: 08/30/10
Posts: 1737
Simply laid out, easy to find ...... great work!
26 yrs. married
There's nothing more powerful than a woman with an open heart ......

#353173 - 06/28/14 09:08 PM Re: The Marriage Advocate Directory [Re: Lil]
New Member

Registered: 06/27/14
Posts: 11
I am looking for information on the plan A and B. What is this?

#353194 - 06/29/14 02:48 AM Re: The Marriage Advocate Directory [Re: amy2]
right here waiting
Board of Directors

Registered: 08/25/10
Posts: 7107
This should get you started. Welcome to Marriage Advocates, Amy2.

Plan A, by JimK

Plan B, by Lildoggie


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