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Infidelity and Abandonment
07/15/19 07:52 PM
True, but it's important for them to know the truth.
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Blogging Central
07/15/19 02:10 PM
Oh my eyes! lol
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Tech Support & Suggestion Box
07/15/19 05:15 AM
"This server could not prove that it is www.marriageadvocates.com; its security certificate expired 11 days ago. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer's clock is currently set to Monday, July 15, 2019. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system's clock and then refresh this page."

I only get this message when I try to visit the MA website.
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The Turning Point
07/13/19 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by Lifechoice
I am so happy for you Ace!

Your post forced my out of retirement, lol...I had no idea what my login info was and I feel like I forgot how to post but here I am to congratulate you! lol

Hey LC,

I posted on my "request for help" thread in another forum back in the Fall of 2018 when we were having a major health crisis. Soooooo much has happened. You and others played a huge role. I don't think we'd be together today if it wasn't for that other unnamed forum....not just because of the posts but because of the cyber acquaintances who reached out and became IRL (in real life) friends.

Looks like we're headed back to Florida in Nov. I'm still hoping we can have a mini informal MA gathering part 2. We had a fun time in 2016 with NED, LA, RHW and their significant others and DH/me. Orchid joined us by sending a Care Package of Hawaiian goodies which we opened while Facetiming her from the beach. It'd be fun if you and DocP could join us.

Welcome back....don't stay away so long. ---I know, I know...I've been gone years at a time, too. Had to contact the mods for how to log in cuz I forgot both my password and login name.

Again, thanks for all your help and good wishes.


PS Just checked and this is my 3330th post! My OCD for multiples of 5 still strikes occasionally.

PPS I just got an invitation to take a Marriageadvocates Survey because I'm a special guest. I deleted it but then realized it might be legitimate. Anyone know?
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Welcome Newcomers!
07/12/19 09:25 PM
[Linked Image]

Hello Marcin,


We hope you find our board to be a useful place to exchange ideas, and to seek support for your marriage, especially if your marriage is in crisis. Our members are made up of men and women working cooperatively to improve, build, or rebuild our marriages. Some have just begun, others have many years of wisdom and experience.

If your marriage is in trouble and you need support, check out our support forums. We have several forums, figure out whichever fits your situation best, and start posting!

Our support forums are not the same as professional counseling or coaching, and are not meant to take their place. When you need support and encouragement - or a friendly voice to give you advice - we are here. Many of us have been where you are now and understand how alone you may feel... and we are here to support you.

We also have forums to discuss and review the various books, websites and marriage programs that are out there today. Our members are available to share what they know about the resources that are out there.

A great place to start is our Articles section here

Helpful info for you:

Safety first! For tips on protecting your privacy read Internet 101: Protecting Yourself Online

In order to get tips and suggestions that will maximize and hopefully ease your experience here, check out Chrysalis' Welcome Wagon

Initially the acronyms and abbreviations can be overwhelming. The full lists can be found here and here

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General Forum Rules

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Welcome aboard... and we look forward to getting to know you!


P.S. When you see a blinking envelope near the top right-hand side of your display, that's the "You've Got Mail" indicator. Please click on the blinking envelope to check your PMs (Private Messages).
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Infidelity and Abandonment
07/11/19 09:38 PM
Good to hear. It sometimes takes women a while to reach the point where they are able to, age wise, I mean. Time to start the second, better half of your life!
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Troubled Marriage
07/10/19 03:05 PM
By the end that’s where Daryl and I were. It was rather remarkable. To know we each had love for one another and were willing to stay no matter what those flaws and annoyances might be? The sense of security and freedom it brought? The contentment and acceptance? The feeling of love and being accepted? Miraculous!
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Blogging Central
07/06/19 05:32 AM
That sucks. I'm sorry, Cat.
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Infidelity and Abandonment
07/01/19 05:39 PM
Wise advice from someone who has recently been where you are now.

These affairs for the most part always follow the same cheater script.

Understand that your wife is just a typical cheater. There's nothing special or complicated about her eat all.

Exept it's happening to you
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Blogging Central
06/30/19 02:36 AM
I hope they can both work things out for the sake of their daughter. She needs them both.
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Troubled Marriage
06/26/19 05:30 AM
Originally Posted by Lil
Hi guys,

I thought I'd update this and then guess that will close it off.

They separated, and it was all very adult and amicable. They still live in the same house in a flatmate sort of scenario. The plan is to continue on with this until spring when they can finish the landscaping and then sell it. Neither is able to purchase the property on their own.

She has listed herself on tinder, and has had a couple of dates. He knows and again, was very amicable about it. She did say he seems fairly unconcerned about anything.

And, thats all folks

Hi Lil, waves

Sounds like your friend is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. Glad you were able to be there for her.

Hope all's well with you and Mr. Flick. Thanks for updating us on the latest details.

Take care,
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Other Topics
06/22/19 09:00 PM

I watched this interview with Paul Williams and The Muppet Movie songs. It brought back happy memories and I wanted to share it with all of you. smile

Paul Williams and The Muppet Movie interview - Enjoy!

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Marriage News
06/21/19 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by Blair

Yes! Seems very sensible. I like them both.
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Other Topics
06/17/19 09:24 PM
Sending just in case you purchase this item. I had a call from Costco last week.

Costco & Kroger Frozen Berry recall: Public Healther Altert US Food &...rkland Signature Brand Three Berry Blend

Townsend Farms, Inc. recently announced a recall of frozen blackberries that may be linked to a Hepatitis A contamination. The frozen berry mixes were sold nationwide at retailers including Costco and Kroger. According to the FDA and CDC, there have been no reported illnesses due to this recall.

The Kroger recall came first and includes their Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley and Private Selection Frozen Blackberries. These products were also sold at Kroger affiliates including Ralph’s, Dillon’s, and Harris Teeter.

Recalled Kroger product codes include:

Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley, 48 oz. (Best By: 07-07-20; UPC: 0001111079120)
Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley, 16 oz. (Best By: 06-19-20; UPC: 0001111087808)
Private Selection Frozen Blackberries, 16 oz. (Best By: 06-19-20, 07-02-20; UPC: 0001111087809)
Berries sold at Costco were added to the recall on June 11. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend was potentially affected by the contamination. Per Townsend Farms, these berries were only sold in California and Hawaii. The recall codes for this product can be found in the white box on the back of the 4-lb. bag and are as follows:

FEB1620, (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), or (H)
FEB1820, (A), (B), (C), or (D)
FEB2920, (A), (B), (C), or (D)
MAR0120, (A), (B), (C), or (D)
APR1920, (B), (C), or (D)
APR2020, (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), or (F)
APR2720, (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), or (H)
APR2820, (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), or (H)
MAY0220, (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), or (H)
MAY0420 (H)
The CDC urges those who purchased any of the recalled berries to discard them or return them to the store for a refund. The FDA recommends that consumers who have eaten the berries and haven’t previously received a Hepatitis A vaccination to contact their doctor or healthcare provider. According to the FDA, Hepatitis A virus can cause a liver infection that may not have apparent symptoms immediately. The virus can be spread through eating or drinking contaminated products and personal contact.

I don't want folks to panic, just be informed. I know of one sister who purchased this item but did it via a friend who has a Costco card so she was not contacted by Costco. Fortunately, her bag was not one of the recalled ones.

FYI: Costco has a website for recalls: Costco Recall Info

Hope this helps,

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Infidelity and Abandonment
06/16/19 05:06 AM
I love SW's idea. I think it would be great for your to take the day for you and let your WH parent your DS.
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