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2.wife has midlife crisis and affair but I want to hold it together42
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4.I think I need a good kick33
5.WuD? - Moving on.26
6.Am I still a doormat?12
7.Pulling up a chair11
8.My Gratitude Journal9
9.Calm in confusion3
10.And life goes on.....2
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Interesting Take on Need vs Want in Marriage8
Married man sends hijack hoax email to avoid trip with girlfriend - CNN2
This divorced couple still takes a family portrait with their son - CNN1
Wife of Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping wants divorce - CNN8
Surprising Reason More Sex May Be Key To Happiness: Cuddling And Affection Increase Couples' Wellbeing11
From disputes to a breakup: wounds still raw after U.S. election28
5 Things I Learned About My Husband Since His Death 3 Weeks Ago - Huff Post2
Why do welfare funds go to marriage counseling? - NPR Marketplace4
"Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater... Maybe Not" - Psychology Today1
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General information and guides for new members and those considering joining Marriage Advocates.
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Welcome Newcomers! (6 viewing)
Information and guides for new members and guests.
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Re: Welcome Aboard New Mem...
(right here waiting) - 10/16/17 09:21 PM
Announcements (2 viewing)
Information about policy, forum changes, new features, etc.
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Re: Accounting of What Hap...
(silverado) - 07/29/17 10:19 AM
Tech Support & Suggestion Box
Share ideas, report technical problems, or ask questions.
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Re: I've been banned from ...
(LivingWell) - 09/18/17 12:04 PM
Marriage Help and Support
Discussions about preparing for marriage, building a strong foundation and navigating crisis.
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Preparing for Success in Marriage
Discussions for people ready for marriage or newly married--picking the right partner, building a strong foundation and preventing destructive patterns.
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Writing a Non-Traditional ...
(AntigoneRisen) - 12/07/16 08:01 PM
Troubled Marriage (2 viewing)
Discussion of general marriage problems including disconnection, incompatibility, communication, finances, medical issues, sex, etc.
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Re: Am I still a doormat?
(holdingontoit) - Yesterday at 08:33 AM
Infidelity and Abandonment (22 viewing)
Coping with the devastating issues of unfaithfulness and walk-away spouses, surviving the madness, and devising strategies for fighting back.
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Re: I think I need a good ...
(Orchid2) - Yesterday at 04:53 PM
Enough is Enough! (2 viewing)
Using boundaries and tough-love to fight infidelity and break free of victimhood.
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Re: I'll just call this no...
(NewEveryDay) - 02/08/17 11:04 PM
The Turning Point (2 viewing)
Reaching recovery and reconciliation after marital crisis, piecing it back together, and putting the right safeguards in place to protect the marriage.
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Re: Moving Forward
(Fiddler) - 09/11/17 11:13 PM
<<<MAgnify>>> Your Marriage
(Marriage Advocates' Great New Ideas For You)....Creating a healthy and thriving marriage--making a good marriage great!
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Re: Free ebook through Sep...
(star*fish) - 09/15/16 03:57 PM
Family, Children and Friends (3 viewing)
A forum for discussion of relationships impacting marriage, including issues of parenting and family of origin.
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Re: Possible child abuse -...
(Blair) - 08/26/17 11:50 PM
The Way Station
The Way Station is a safe place for wayward and walk away spouses to receive support in ending affairs, developing boundaries and turning their lives around. Special rules apply. Newly betrayed spouses should avoid reading or posting here. Topics are only viewable by members: You must be a registered user to have access to the topics in these forums.
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Finding the Way
A place for individuals who have had an affair(s) to discuss their issues and get feedback and suggestions.
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Re: Discernment Counseling...
(InterimR) - 06/01/17 08:16 PM
The Lighthouse
Discussion of generic issues dealing with wayward recovery. Caution, issues and methods discussed herein are not meant to cover specific situations.
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Re: question for the previ...
(Squeaky Tree) - 12/09/14 04:28 PM
Moving On
A forum for people going through divorce and individual recovery.
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Surviving Divorce (2 viewing)
Help and support for members facing divorce and custody issues.
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Re: So, who'd a think it.....
(believer) - 09/04/16 09:30 PM
Single Again
Individual Recovery and transitions.
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Re: Adventures in Dating
(believer) - 07/25/16 10:04 PM
For posters in second marriages and blended families.
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Re: AM I the first?
(whatsupdoc?) - 04/26/16 01:15 PM
The Visiting Room
An area where visiting professionals can offer guidance and answer questions.
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Turtle's Whiteboard (2 viewing)
Get comfortable and join in discussions led by Al Turtle. Follow the links provided to read and prepare for an in-depth discussion of various topics designed to broaden your relational knowledge, challenge your thinking, and help you become a better partner and peer guide.
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Re: Topic 1: "Friend...
(AlTurtle) - 02/10/16 10:10 AM
Ask A Professional
Ask one of the visiting professionals a question.
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Re: Penny's Ask Me Anythin...
(AntigoneRisen) - 03/31/16 09:22 AM
Creative Discussions
Forums for general discussion, creative topics, and personal journeys.
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Blogging Central (28 viewing)
Talk about you and your journey through life, with emphasis on marriage and family. The blogging area is subject to different rules for posting and moderating. Please read the sticky that is the first post in the forum for instructions on how this forum works.
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Re: So much going on
(Miranda) - Yesterday at 10:47 AM
Peer Counseling (2 viewing)
Developing strategies for "guiding from the side".
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Re: Your happy story in th...
(MaidUpName) - Yesterday at 02:34 PM
Success Stories and Inspiration
A forum for sharing hope.
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Re: Flick : The first part...
(right here waiting) - 06/08/17 03:14 PM
Other Topics (7 viewing)
Discussion of miscellaneous topics that do not clearly fit into any of the other designated categories.
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Re: Has anybody lived in A...
(believer) - 09/23/17 11:11 PM
Construction Zone (3 viewing)
A working area for creating peer guides to design a foundation for MA advice, and integrating the best parts of programs.
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Re: ***"Temporary Ins...
(Ace) - 07/08/17 08:40 PM
Peer Guides and Original Work
Peer constructed resource guides with helpful links and information, toolkits, articles and memorable posts written by members.
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Wayward and Walk-away Guides
Guides to help posters impact a cheating or walk-away spouse.
12 159
Re: Lack of a Different Ki...
(Miranda) - 03/16/16 03:48 PM
Other guides
36 405
Re: a really good message....
(SmilingWife) - 04/29/17 10:11 AM
Articles & Memorable Posts (1 viewing)
44 365
Re: call to action to chur...
(Steadfast & Committed) - 04/22/17 04:43 AM
Marriage Resources
Forums for reviewing other internet-based marriage sites and forums, for discussing the pros and cons of existing counseling approaches, and for discussing research, current trends and new ideas coming out in books or conferences.
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Opportunities for Marriage Advocacy
38 241
“Two”gether in Texas Marri...
(AntigoneRisen) - 05/24/16 12:01 PM
Marriage News (1 viewing)
Share marriage news articles, research information, and other current events about marriages and families in a changing world.
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Re: Interesting Take on Ne...
(caffine) - 06/14/17 01:10 AM
Program, Forum & Book Reviews (2 viewing)
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Re: Crucial Conversations ...
(Kayla) - 07/18/17 11:01 PM
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I think I need a good kick33
Your happy story in three words37
wife has midlife crisis and affair but I want to hold it together69
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